Metacognitive Tool

2016 - 2018

Metacognitive Tool (2016-2018) is a video installation, research and performance. It is an exploration on agency, disembodiment and the anthropocentric paradox of humanity's position within nature, and outside of it. While the soundtrack for the performance remains the same, the performance develops through time. The artist collaborates with performers to translate the works research in psychology, philosophy and biology. The work becomes alive with each new presentation, and reflects on the discontinuity of existence.

This work was produced as part of Arts Catalyst's season 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering Revisited 1966/2016.  The performance  was interpreted by Alice Weber for an experimental evening of actions and installations called Why make it simple, when you can make it complex?, co-organised by The Performance Studio.

This performance was performed another time as part of the evening Sensing The Invisible atThe Cube residency em-em in 2017. And at the Lethaby Gallery by Rebecca Korang. And at Salve Berlin by Katharina Joy Book in 2018.

The video still was published in Terra Firma Magazine (2017), color edition, together with a poem, and the film was screened as part of an evening hosted by Terra Firma in Down/Under Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

again and yet again,
the mistake to believe that time can be conditioned with synthetic formulas; appearing fragmentations that one ought concatenating,
failing to comprehend:
what has happened, cannot not have happened, not any longer –

oppressed memory and overbeared mind,
now, avid for new, vague impressions, instead of contemplating, what appears to not disappear;

memory is carried in the body, displaced by news, obstructing the wearer, with matter, that time is absorbing, an initial idea,
to slip through physics, is denied by collective elements;

it is invisible, and too present not to be.