Emological Symphony


An Emological Symphony (2013) is a performative installation, that is joining human and technological organs. The outcome of this hybrid action is a bio- musical score coming to life on stage. The performers heart rate, breathing scale, and temperature are being measured through sensors; the data is the parameter for the sound track. The performer is influencing the music, and influenced by it - an interplay between actor and reactor. The work regards current topics such as (over-) usage of technology, politics of privacy in the internet, and the changes of culture.

Sound: Lukas Grundmann 
Arduino/Programming: Sarah Hermanutz 
Performers: Mab Cardoso, Naemeh Shirazi, Lisa Shirin 

Graphic Design: Steffen Ullmann 
Photography: Arne Schmitt 
Funded by: Kostümkollektiv Berlin
Theory: Wanda Golonka, Daniel Belasco Rogers, Maximilian Haas