the ease with which [a] may be distorted under the action of [b] continues Monika Dorniak’s practice-based research and sculpture series ‘Aesthetics Of Knowledge’ (2019-ongoing) that engages with humanity's position in the Anthropocene.
The work addresses the symptoms of this era, such as alienation and Solastalgia, while also portraying the agency of a hybridised nature. Dorniak perceives the sculpture series as a collaboration with more-than-human agencies, in particular stones and water. Within the scope of the Hošek Contemporary Prize 2023 exhibition, Dorniak implants the ‘Aesthetics Of Knowledge’ series into the body of the ship’s architecture. In unison with the encapsulating elements –wood and water– she is creating a site-specific installation that fuses epoxy, textile, wood, fluids and stones with a new auditive score. For this kinetic, installation, Dorniak has bred new crystal stones in alliance with more-than-human-agencies from the waters of the river Spree, thus forming a direct link to the environment. Considering the stones as agencies that perform growth and transformation, the work can be experienced as a hybrid of a performance and an exhibition.

the ease with which [a] may be distorted under the action of [b]
Exhibition period: April 28-May 28, 2023
Hošek Contemporary, Berlin

Curator/Text: Linda Toivio
Photographer: Mari Vass
Wood Workshop Assistance: Doris Götz (BBK)
Technical/Logistical Assistance: Petr, Tom, Habib, Ranav, Nobu

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