We Convert Our Mind To Creativity


Video Still: Festival Trailer (2013)

In 2011 I initiated the self-organised group We Convert Our Mind to Creativity, with the aim to connect people from various backgrounds to talk about topics that adress us all, such as the human cognition, the anthropocene era, and collectivity. While the group had no specific location, it worked in various locations, and throughout the web.  Two major projects came out of this group 1) Festival of Art and Science (2012), Trier and 2) Synthetic (2013), Shift, Berlin. 

︎︎Festival of Art and Science (2012), Trier
A festival uniting artists and scientists and the audience to exchange, experience new knowledge, new technics, new relations regarding the universal topic >Human Cognition<.

With works by: Anthonis Antonellis, Dominik Bubel, Ting Cheng and Virginia Francia, Elisa Damm, Darko Dragicevic, Martin Fell, Rudolf Grillborzer, Demian Kern, Christine Sun Kim, Frederic Kokott, Ginna Lee, Tómas Lemarquis, Matthias Neumann, Thilo Seidel, Marielena Stark, Rosemarie Stuffer, Jetske Visser, Lukasz Wierzbowski

Symposium: Dr. Karl F Wender, Jasmin Sinha, Matthias Neumann
Moderation: Monika Dorniak

︎︎Synthetic (2013), Berlin