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Monika Dorniak – Walking In Two Directions (At The Same Time), 2022, Drugo More, Photographer: Tanja Kanazir

Lecture performance
Wearable sculptures

Duration: 30 min.

Premiered at masha, Haus der Statistik (2022)

Performed/exhibited at: Mapping The Cartographic, Drugo More (2022) 

In the lecture performance Walking In Two Directions (At The Same Time), I am thematising the (apparent) paradox of bringing together a multiplicity of roots in a singular bodily cartography. Repetitive physical gestures and analytical details meet spoken reflections – all supported by a crafted material structure that unfolds itself within the mental dialogue between myself, the audience and present threads of the past. The solo performance intertwines wearable sculpture, written and recorded word, performance and painting.

Supported by Bards College Palestine and Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

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