Some Times
We Know
Some Times
We Do
Some Times
We Are
(And, Or, ‘Nt)



Un/Folding (2015) consists of an installation with a video on loop, a book and laser-printed woodsheet reflecting on the circle of life in the anthropocentric era.

My video Un/Folding (2015) was created for the project Remember Nature initiated by Gustav Metzger and CSM. The video refers to the traditional act of harvesting in groups and the related communication between human beings and nature. In Un/Folding I specifically reflect on the rise of industries such as machine engineering and beverage industry that affected individual agriculture in the 60s/70s. I observe this shift on the example of my german family situated in the rural area on the border of Belgium and Luxemburg. People started to work in cities or industries in the 60s, consequently giving up their agriculture, and beginning to consume
from supply chains. Besides of the economic factors, I am interested in the imprint this shift has on the individuum and culture. I ask myself, if repetitive ergonomic tasks in mass production cause an inherited alienation of body and mind. The connection between a past, present and future, is regarded through interdisciplinary lenses in my work, such as a psychological, sociological, historical and scientific ones. An example for such a cluster is the emotional state of distress, called Solastalgia, whose main cause are environmental changes in ones surrounding, and are a possible reason for mental health problems.
The video shows two hand pairs arranging yellow and red berries along the wooden rings of a cutted piece of wood. Each hand pair has a personal color. This repetitive act is continued by the removal of the berries and the gesture of one of the hand pairs only.
Next to the digital work is a deformed sheet of wood with a laser cut showing traces of a neurological network. And an old pocket book called Unfolding Life. In this book one can look at previous attempts of science to explain Life.

It was first exhibited at the exhibition 'Remember Nature' initiated by Gustav Metzger in collaboration with Serpentine Galleries at CSM London, the MA Art and Science exhibition, Elthrone Studios CSM, and at the Anthropocene Exhibition at CSM, Kings Cross.

Special thanks to Isabel for camera and as a second handpair.

Monika Dorniak (c) 2018