Some Times
We Know
Some Times
We Do
Some Times
We Are
(And, Or, ‘Nt)

U+221E, 25.05.15


U+221E, 25.05.15 (2017) is an installation containing 207 inkjet transparency film squares, that were handscissored and fingerprinted within the process. The squares are partly stored in two four-square polystyrene boxes that are sellotaped. The print is representing a photograph taken with the artist’s smartphone in 2015.

For the 10-year-anniversary exhibition of Kunstverein Neukölln I was invited to present a work reflecting on a personal/collective occurrence that took place between 2008-2017. I chose a picture that I took/shared on 25.05.2015 and multiplied it digitally, then analogue.

This work in progress is from my series 'Representation, Precognition', and was on view 16.12.2017 - 28.01.2018 at Kunstverein Neukölln, Berlin.
Monika Dorniak (c) 2018