Monika Gabriela Dorniak

is a German-Polish interdisciplinary artist who is dividing her time between Berlin, London and the Unknown.  ( Bio ︎ )

Multi-Media / Installation

Video / Shortfilm
Performance / Assembly

Painting / Banner

Practice-based Research / Curation

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The Vivid Unknown 


The Vivid Unknown is part of Philip Glass's music for the film Naqoyqatsi, which means 'life as war' in the Hopi language. The exhibition reflects on the world in our Anthropocene era, in
which the global market has become the major economic and cultural force on the planet; control of artificial systems encounters the organic world, itself undergoing extreme transformations, leading to social disharmony, and new movements. We have transitioned to hyper-mobile interactions and interweaving in digital space, while the physical settlements of marginalised groups are constantly disturbed. Past, present and prospective natural disasters caused by climate change and war force people to leave home and make precarious escapes into
the unknown.
With works by Elisa Dierson, Monika Dorniak, Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries, Lingji Hon,Katja Marie Voigt, Valentyn Odnoviun, Felix Stumpf, Çağlar Tahiroğlu, Matteo Valerio, Raul Walch