The Aesthetics Of Knowledge


The Aesthetics Of Knowledge (2020) is a crystal series, grown from ethanol, pigments and body-fluids, such as blood and salvia. The connection of non-human elements with essential substances of the body builds a clinamenic and non-hierarchic network, symbolising the dependancy of human to the environment. Simultaneously the sculptures uncontrolled growth is a metaphor for a Self that is in continuous development. 

Ruhig, aber beweglich (2020) is a wooden sculpture that is part of this series, including ten glass panels. Crystalline structures that cover the glass, grow with a mixture of pigments and body-fluids.  The work reflects on the human aspiration for infinity in a finite, simultaneously incalculable, world. The sculpture introduces an uncategorised notion of agency by situating the human particles in a growing network of nonhuman agents.

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