Monika Gabriela Dorniak

is a German-Polish interdisciplinary artist who is dividing her time between Berlin, London and the Unknown.  ( Bio ︎ )

Multi-Media / Installation

Video / Shortfilm
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Practice-based Research / Curation

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The Act Of Doing Makes It (Feel Like) Becoming


The project 'The Act Of Doing Makes It (Feel Like) Becoming' consists of a short film, and a wearable sculpture collection that is being embodied within a lecture performance.
The work reflects on the paradoxic characteristics of the Individual, being both singular and plural. The individual person is not merely a singular body, but formed by a network of social components. Some of those components are regulated by an organic swarm behaviour and others by the artificial social constructs designed by the authorities to exercise control. In 'The Act Of Doing Makes It (Feel Like) Becoming', the performing bodies (performers and audience) reflect on the frame-work of our freedom – a quest for balance between conjugation and subjugation that resembles the urge for being Self in a pluralised society.

Sound track: Emiddio Vasquez
Performers: Marlon Miguel, Susanna Rydz, Tania Abanin, Léna Bagutti and Valentine Sinclair
Photographer: Marlene Zoe Burz

Previously performed/exhibited at: 
︎Entkunstung (2019)
︎Bärenzwinger (2019)

Film stills from The Act Of Doing Makes It (Feel Like) Becoming