The Act Of Doing Makes It (Feel Like) Becoming


The project The Act Of Doing Makes It (Feel Like) Becoming includes a short film, a wearable sculpture collection, as well as an embodiment of those sculptures and the projects research in form of a lecture performance. The short film visualises the psycho-social research, functioning as the base of the project.         
The paradox of 'individuality' is present through its simultaneous singularity and plurality. When refering to the individual person we never address a singular body, but the social components that (have) form(ed) this body. Part of those components are regulated by the organic swarm behaviour and artificial social constructs designed by the authorities. The performing bodies (performers and audience alike) embody the reflection of a fictional freedom and the quest for balance between conjugation and subjugation resembles the urge for ‘individuality’ and ‘collectivity’ in a pluralised society.

Many thanks to sound artist Emiddio Vasquez, and performers Marlon Miguel, Susanna Rydz, Tania Abanin, Léna Bagutti and Valentine Sinclair. And photographer Marlene Zoe Burz.

Previously performed/exhibited at: 
︎Entkunstung (2019)
︎Bärenzwinger (2019)

Film stills from The Act Of Doing Makes It (Feel Like) Becoming