States Of Mind


The works of the banner series 'States Of Mind' draw a phenomenological map, and guide a journey through the states of being human in a body that positions itself between natural and artificial charts of the world. Main inspiration for the work is the evolution of a human who has once been a water creature before evolving into the body that we inhabit now. Which traces of being a water creature have remained in our human body? The three banners are being installed next to one another, together they take ca. 6 x 2,2 meter. States Of Mind (2015-2017) is a series of textile banners that were created in London as part of the artists research on biological and sociological developments of the evolutionary history of homo sapiens. ‘Reptile Hand’ (2016) depicts the paradox of a modern human being who is situated both inside and outside of nature.

Previously exhibited at:
︎ thecube, London (2016)
︎ ROSALUX (2020)