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Some Times
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We Are
(And, Or, ‘Nt)

Rhizomatic Assemblage


'Rhizomatic Assemblage' (2018) took place at the Central Saint Martins takeover of Tate Exchange at Tate Modern, London. The CSM exchange Studio Complex, and introduced alternative methods of art production in economically/politically challenging times, presented by students/alumni/staff of CSM.
Dorniak's response was a ‘studio’ (19/01) that existed by the participation of the Other/s: forming a rhizomatic assemblage, it grew by interaction and physical/mental movement. The (re-)gaining of independence of the self and proliferation of space for new connection are central points for contemplation.
Within two hours the participants dedicated themselves to body/mind exercises, and small sequences of solo and partner work. In the second part, the participants of the workshop were performing in the Tate Exchange. Based in the fith level of Tate Modern, Tate Exchange is used as a possibility to bring together the public with experimental projects. There is no stage, but a public space; hence the audience and parallel actions and exhibited art works interact with the performance.
This project built upon the artist's research on community, bio-rhythms and the psychosomatic, with a special focus on dance.

Hediyeh Azma, Lou Barnell, Sumedha Bhattacharyya, Margherita Borg, Isabelle Sidony Capper, Kendra Chiagoro-Noel, Chiara Favaretti, Theresa Goessmann, Eloisa Lamilla Guerrero, Beatriz Herrera, Rumeng Li, Angeliki Margeti, Nena Robertson, René Scheibenbauer, Lydia Walker, Ella White, Yang Zhao


Monika Dorniak (c) 2018