Monika Gabriela Dorniak

is a German-Polish interdisciplinary artist who is dividing her time between Berlin, London and the Unknown.  ( Bio ︎ )

Multi-Media / Installation

Video / Shortfilm
Performance / Assembly

Painting / Banner

Practice-based Research / Curation

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Past Pieces Merging With What I Call Now


The multi-media work 'Past Pieces Merging With What I Call Now' is reflecting on our memorising bodies that are part of a fragmented, multi-layered system in which times and spaces overlap. While we define our existence to be part of a presence, our bodies carry memories that have been experienced long before us, and are travelling with us into the future. Opposed to the singular definition of the 'individual' person, the work explores the pluralistic and atemporal characteristics that stand in connection to other non-/human agents.

The video performance depicts moments in which maps merge with our bodily maps. The activation of the wearable sculpture functions as a metaphor for our multi-sensual, inherited memories, that appear in our everyday actions. The piece reflects on the sensitive notion of the (in-)visible, intergenerational memory networks within our body, that seem incredibly close, yet simultaneously far away.

Performer: Susanna Rydz

Previously performed/exhibited at: 
︎Out Of Stock (2020)

Film stills from Past Pieces Merging With What I Call Now