Past Pieces Merging With What I Call Now


Our economic and cultural system is based on in/-formal contracts, created to reduce unknown risks and forming predictable futures. Throughout history subjects were forced into contracts by people in power, the group of the suppressed included primarily women and slaves, but also the agency of non-human agents in nature was removed. The virtuous attempt to tame the unknown or 'fortuna' is part of the anthropocentric hierarchy of humans control over other / non-human agents. Early tyrants, such as Machiavelli, are symbolic for the Anthropocene – fearing the unknown forces of nature that were rendered effeminate and oppressed. Nature consists of chaos, and arranging it in synthetic order leads to an increasing alienation of the self and environment. In times of insecurity, such as plagues or ecological disaster, society turns to systems of safety, despite the potential falseness of the authorities plights. While capitalism is regarded as a main factor for the unbalance of society, the economical system is rooted in ancient concepts of religion, working with social contracts of fear and shame to control peoples behaviours. How are humans controlled by contracted roots that they claim to have no access to anymore? And are there ways to reclaim such an alienated self? The performance looks at the subjects alienation, animism, communism and capitalism, control and repetition, to further analyse the systematic alienation of a homogenous group of people in power. 

Performer: Susanna Rydz

Previously performed/exhibited at: 
︎Out Of Stock (2020)

Film stills from Past Pieces Merging With What I Call Now