Mutabili Numerus (OOO)


Mutabili Numerus (OOO) is my philosophical interpretation of the technological and cultural shift in the Anthropocene era. Humanity barely foresaw the internet, yet it rapidly intertwined itself in global daily life as if were a natural phenomenon, overriding previous rhythms. It enables new freedoms, yet institutes invisible control mechanisms that impact communities and individuals.

The work references Deleuze's Difference and Repetition (1968), bringing together elements necessary for a collective approach, with the formation of a common vocabulary independent of governmental/political/external control and censorship. It uses both an ancient understanding of the body and mind, and the conditions that these now suffer because of Anthropocene era destruction. It makes rhizomatic, networked, connections between disciplines to restore an emological balance.

The performance Mutabili Numerus (OOO) was developed together with the performers Barbara Agostini, Isabelle Sidony Capper, Pinelopi Kefou, Rebecca Korang, Nena Robertson, Beatriz Sanchez. This project is my Graduation Project for MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins.

Many thanks to Veronica Horwell, Franziska Presche (Hair and Make Up), Olga Suchanova (Photography), Daniel Rubinstein, Emma Shackleton, and all supporting friends.