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Rituals of Water, curated by Marta Grabowska
Widna Gallery, Kraków, PL

Entkunstung x  Jakob Kukula Publication
Art Biesenthal, DE

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Metacognitive Tool

2016 - ongoing

Monika Dorniak – Metacognitive Tool (2016-2021), Haus der Statistik, 2021, Performer: Ann Francis Ang

Dance performance
Wearable sculptures
Video art

Duration: 30-40 min.

Premiered at The Performance Studio in London (2016)

Previously performed/exhibited at:
︎Arts Catalyst (2016)
︎Lethaby Gallery (2016)
︎em-em, THECUBE (2017)
︎TERRA FIRMA Magazine (2017)
︎Down/Under Gallery (2017)
︎Salve Berlin (2018)
︎48 Stunden Neukoelln (2019)
︎Haus der Statistik (2021)

The multimedia project Metacognitive Tool combines a wearable sculpture installation, research, solo-performance. It explores the subjects of reclaiming agency, experience of disembodiment and the anthropocentric paradox of humanity's position within nature, and outside of it.
A variety of components form the performance score: sound, embodied research, and wearable sculpture. The score is inspired by the artists research on the physical and mental development of human being. Starting at the state of being sea-creature (Pikaia) 500 million years ago, towards taking the physical form of the homo sapiens around 300.000 years ago, and arriving at the present anthropocentric state of being 'homo sapiens sapiens', where psycho-cultural transformations have led to a partial alienation o the mind over the body, and anthropocentric neglection of the planets female energy ‘Gaia’ (after philosopher Isabelle Stenger's definition).

Choreography / Costume / Art direction: Monika Dorniak | Performers: Ann Francis Ang, Lingji Hon, Alice Weber, Beccy Korang |  Soundartist: Reece Cox  

Monika Dorniak – Metacognitive Tool (2016-2021), 48 Stunden Neukölln, 2019, Performer: Lingji Hon

Film still from Metacognitive Tool (2016), London

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