T. H. A. i. A. I. 


The Human Anatomy is Adorning Itself / T.H.A.i.A.I. (2009-2011) is a clothing collection with a neuro-philosophical approach. It was published in 2011 in a solo exhibition along with the launch of a philosophical-photo zine and video-performance in the studio from Alex Xie in Kreuzberg – Berlin. All pieces together (clothes, zine, performance) created an artistically tailored puzzle work explaining one anothers content with different sensual experiences.The clothes reflect the human anatomy as universal messengers. The wearable objects, which shall remind of the „human basics“ are designed with skin-like colors and textures. By re-creating the complex psychological self with the usage of several skin-like layers the artist simultaneously raises the philosophical question: how many „selfs“ do we own?