Human Anatomy is Adorning Itself (2009-2011) is a series consisting of a multi-media installation that follows a neuro-philosophical approach. The wearable sculptures, video performance, dia-projection of the inner landscape of a human lung and photographical essay of self portraits, reflect the human anatomy as a universal messenger of a singular multitude. The objects are designed with colours and textures representing the various layers of the 'dermis' as a metaphor for the multitude of 'Selfs' a person embodies. How can we define a singular Self when we take the internal paradoxes into account? Working with a range of media and objects the artist creates a phenomenological and anatomical map sketching the ever-changing construct of consciousness.

Debuted at DAS Weekend, Berlin (2011)

︎Kunstraum t27 (2011)
︎Tallerts Oberts (2011)
︎Centre For Sustainable Fashion (2011)
︎Der Greif (2011)
︎Gedankenskulptur (2012)
︎Sova Magazine (2012)

Monika Dorniak – The Human Anatomy is Adorning Itself (2009-2011)

Installation view The Human Anatomy is Adorning Itself, Berlin, 2011

Installation view The Human Anatomy is Adorning Itself, ROSALUX, Berlin, 2020

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