Monika Gabriela Dorniak

is a German-Polish interdisciplinary artist who is dividing her time between Berlin, London and the Unknown.  ( Bio ︎ )

Multi-Media / Installation

Video / Shortfilm
Performance / Assembly

Painting / Banner

Practice-based Research / Curation

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If Homunkulus Had A House  
Solo exhibition
1st - 7th of June 2020 
rosalux, Berlin 

The solo exhibition If Homunkulus Had A House presents a selection of pieces that Monika Gabriela Dorniak created between 2009 - 2020. The artist’s works draw a phenomenological map, and guide a journey through the states of being human in a body that positions itself between natural and artificial charts of the world. In the past decade, her performances, workshops, installations, videos and sculptures have been her transformable laboratory, and her multi-media works, inspired by her in-depth research of the miracle of being alive, reflect on overstimulation and worsening cultural separation. The objects of the exhibition reflect different stages of her research in psychology, sociology and anatomy; some appeared in previous performances, or are ongoing in performance. Dorniak's artistic interest in human anatomy began in 2009 with her series 'The Anatomy Is Adorning Itself'. She has used organic materials, such as blood, in many works, and her most recent, Blood Crystals, is an alienating perspective on the components of our 'Self'; they combine the beautiful and uncanny, by giving agency to particles of the body, and bring them in direct relation with glass, plants and fabrics. The artist's philosophical research allows her to spin a network between the objects of the exhibition, combining non-/human agents, giving space for the Unknown, to make us question our definition of Self in an anthropocentric world.

Text Editor: Veronica Horwell