Some Times
We Know
Some Times
We Do
Some Times
We Are
(And, Or, ‘Nt)

Deconstruction as a Virtual Component of Construction


The experimental research and workshop 'Deconstruction as a Virtual Component of Construction' is a physical and mental exploration. Its theme, the identification of self through community and dress, has previously been explored in a project in collaboration with performers in Berlin, where, in six sessions, the artist shared her phenomenological, psychological and sociopolitical research, discussing specific questions with the performers, who then expressed the research physically. The score was defined by the theoretical research and textile pieces or costumes which became the threads of conversation.

For Antiuniversity Now festival, the artist brought costumes, textile works, and theoretical questions to London; she continued her research together with participants. Questions included: Does a process of identifying others' action differ from a process of identifying an own(ed) action? How far can one forget self to be able to connect with another self? Under what conditions can fabric become dress, and vice versa?

Participants in London: Alice Karsten, Marie-Cecile Reber, Alex Robertson, Nena Robertson, Francesc Serra Vila, Ryan Skelton, Natasha Sturgis, Gwen Van den Bout, Artur Vidal, Ella White

Participants in Berlin: Kendra Chiagoro-Noel, Elisa Duca, Nelly Hakkarainen, Lingji Hon, Katharina Joy, Rebecca Korang, Assi Pakkanen

Monika Dorniak (c) 2018