Collective Synchronisation

2015 - ongoing

Workshop and research laboratory 

This workshop proposes an interdisciplinary spatial laboratory, which connects the medium of (performance) art with the spatial practices of the everyday life. The workshop is dedicated to develop an understanding of body rhythms and psychosomatics and relate it to the rhythms and flows of the environment. The participants can explore what a body can do in the immediate landscape.

City space is not a neutral ground in which our bodies move freely. It is a field of power relations charged with politics, imaginaries and ideologies that force us to adapt to it continuously, and renegotiate our positionality within it. Starting with a general theoretic introduction to (self-) perception, the workshops continues with movement techniques and uses the city as a stage. Regarding the body as a flexible and interactive organism the participants learn to work with principles of choreography in public space, creating sequences in solo or partner work. These movements are based on their own body rhythms and the rhythms of the city perceived around them. The partner work should strengthen the group by acknowledging similarities, instead of differences; thus a collective synchronisation shall occur. Digital imaging technology functions here as a tool for creative documentation and self reflection, and works as a contemporary archiving method.

The (re-)gaining of independence of the self and proliferation of space for new connection are central points for contemplation. 

Presented/performed at Residency in Czech Republic (2015), Tate Exchange (2016/2017) and Bard College (2018).