Some Times
We Know
Some Times
We Do
Some Times
We Are
(And, Or, ‘Nt)

Circles and Cues


This workshop was applied to various projects, such as my collaboration with Rory Pilgrim and as a workshop at TAT-werk, Berlin.

The workshop Circles and Cues connects the Scientific and Artistic by understanding and experiencing our personal cognition & perception. During two workshop days we will combine moving & observing with capturing & reflecting.
In the first part of the workshop I will give a basic introduction to the human cognition & perception. This knowledge is based on current scientific findings in neuro-psychology, psychology and mind-body-awareness. Understanding what e.g. Metacognition, Neuroaesthetics, Empathy scientifically mean, will lead us to the second part.
Secondly we go deeper into the artistic work. By projecting scientific matter into space, neurological and anatomical networks will become our inspiration for choreographical output. The maps of the body are leading the body itself to create movement material. We will work in solo and group settings.

For the workshop we will use mind & body, maps and science books, camera & paper, and obligatory the computer & mobile devices. The usage of various media allows us to deepen the experiences and extend the workshop above the time-being. A.o. we are going to use the website to create an archive of the workshops content (scientific papers, links, and video material of the course).

Monika Dorniak (c) 2018