Change of Mind; Amphiboly


For the the Series 'Change of Mind; Amphiboly' I used Venous Blood, by pricking my finger with a disinfected tool. I stored the blood on a cotton pad in a closed glass containing nail polish remover with lecomgrass scent. After the storage of five days I applied the tincture on the paper. Due to the procedure the blood is invisible prima vacie, but can be found through detailed examination.

'Change of Mind; Amphiboly' (2014-2016) addresses the cultural change which comes with the integration of digital communication tools. Is the absence of the analogue matter leading to a naive primitivism by conditioning our brain with visual and auditive stimuli? Is the invisibility of physical matter disconnecting the person of the Self? Or is it expanding the collective idea by moving from the previous physical norm to a mental focus?

One of the research interests for this project is Michel Foucault's critic about a medicalized and institutionalized society, such as e.g. adressed in Madness and Civilzation and The Birth of the Clinic. In his opinion the way we are categorizing the human body and mind may lead to an illiberal society, and he explains that one should compare present society to previous cultural models to form a liberal opinion.