Anthropocentric Choreography



Anthropocentric Choreography is an interdisciplinary laboratory, which connects the medium of art with the analytic reflection of Zeitgeist politics.

Whether its the natural or the built-architectural environment - present circumstances force us to adapt continiously. Regarding the body as a flexible and interactive organism the participants learn to work with principles of choreography in public space. Starting with a general theoretic introduction to (self-) perception we continue with movement technics using the city landscape as a playground and stage. Technology functions here as a tool for creative expression and quick self reflection -
we are researching the balance between adapting to landscape and standing out of it.

The collaboration between dancer Nelly Hakkarainen and artist Monika Dorniak is fusing their two research pools, and thereby creates a more-in-depth-program. This includes Nellys interest in site specific choreography and Monikas interest in the science of the human anatomy and contemporary architecture.

The workshop invites participants from different disciplines to reflect upon the excessive usage of technology and life in urban space. The practical part of the workshop is connected with theoretic insight from our research pool, and makes it possible to actively discuss about the thematics.
There are no previous experiences in dance or choreography needed- instead we welcome different experiences and skills to create a versatile scenario.

Previously held at: 
︎Foreign Affairs Festival, Haus der Berliner Festspiele (2017)