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Amplification Of Fluctuations


Monika Dorniak – The Amplification Of Fluctuations, 2021, Amtsgericht Wedding / Uferstudios, Photographer: Harriet Meyer

Dance performance
Wearable sculptures
Outreach work 

Duration: 40 min.

Premiered at Uferstudios / Amtsgericht Wedding, Berlin (2021)

Fragility and coherence, construction and deconstruction, boundaries and porosity – these apparent antagonisms are being analysed in Monika Dorniak’s ‘The Amplification Of Fluctuations’ together with five dancers. In Dorniak’s newly choreographed collective work, the interdisciplinary artist continues to search for solidarity in a pluralised society which is hyper-connected and, at the same time, increasingly separated. The dancers are intuitively de/-constructing the foundations of the human community throughout the performance and depict the anatomy of the ‘singular’ self which is formed by a variety of non-/ human agents. The transformable costume and stage design continues to play an essential role in Dorniak’s work and forms a moveable frame for the choreography. In her new work ‘The Amplification Of Fluctuations’ the moveable objects symbolise the essential, parallel running presence of boundaries and porosity in the formation of the self.

Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V.

Choreography / Costume / Art direction: Monika Dorniak | Performer: Tasha Hess-Neustadt, Yurie Nishi, Eva Robayo, Yvonne Sembene, Po-Nien Wang |  Soundartist: Emiddio Vasquez | Artistic assistance / Photographer: Harriet Meyer  |  Filmmaker: Antonia Lange | Costume assistance: Justyna Gmitrzuk |  Stage design assistants: Lena Wegmann / Christian Ebert

Tanzraum Berlin (German / English)

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