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Rituals of Water, curated by Marta Grabowska
Widna Gallery, Kraków, PL

Entkunstung x  Jakob Kukula Publication
Art Biesenthal, DE

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Alienated Self (Entfremdetes Selbst Nr. 1 - 12)


Monika Dorniak – Alienated Self (2016), Performers: Alice Webter, Nena Robertson

Photo series
Dance research

Different dimensions

Previously exhibited at:
︎ROSALUX (2020)

This photo series analyses the psychosomatic conditions of a disembodied subject in the era of the Anthropocene. The twelve poses explore the disembodied states and disturbed connections between mind and body. 

Choreography / Art direction: Monika Dorniak | Performers: Alice Weber, Nena Robertson

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